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You Can Trust Us


🥇20 Years Of Combined Outstanding Experience!


• No Puppy Mill Guarantee


• NYS PET Licensed


• Veterinarian Referred


• Testimonial References


• Verified Credit Card Merchant 


• Secure Purchases With Any Major Credit Or Debit Card.

Veterinarian with Dog

$1000+ In Value

All Included Free

5 Years Free Vet Services


• Initial Completed Vaccines


• Puppy Health Guarantee Free


• Parasite Preventative Free


• Registration Papers Free


• Microchip Free

 Dewormed Free


 Vet Check Free


• And Much More...


This Is How It Works


We are not a puppy mill store.


The puppies are still out of state with trusted breeders.


We are prepared to pick up your New Happy Fur Baby.

You will have your puppy delivered quickly.


Just give us the green light, pick one & get the experience of a lifetime  !

A girl and her dog

Stress Prevention

We Offer:

“Seamless Stress Free Puppy Transition”

Where the puppies come from the breeder to us then to you !

From one loving home instantaneously to another.

Leaving out all the bad elements and behavioral issues that are typically found in pet stores.


Woman Hugging Dog

Reputable Breeders

We aligned ourselves with top

vetted breeders who we know & trust. 

They are responsible, 

loving, caring & follow the best breeding practices.

We personally handle your puppy from beginning 

to end making sure everything goes perfect !


Anxiety Prevention


We do all of this because don't believe puppies should be in a store.

They are Treated Like Orphans in a Petting Zoo Environment.


They are over handled, woken up and put back too many times.


Resulting in separation anxiety & feelings of abandonment.


Left wondering why people won't take them home.



Germ Prevention


Puppies shouldn't be Subjected to the Many Pathogens, Germs and Diseases that cause Serious Illnesses found in stores which result in Outrageous Vet Bills.

Dog Bullying.jpg.png

Bullying Prevention


Lastly we don't want 6 month old dogs that haven't sold yet bullying the younger puppies causing food aggression and many behavioral issues.

Happy Puppy

Happy Healthy

We hope that you can appreciate how important it is for us to assure you that you are getting a Fantastic, Healthy, Happy Puppy & that's Exactly what we do!

Family in Fall

Happy Customers


Hopefully by now you've have watched our Video Testimonials.


You will see the many commonalities that you have with our existing customers.




Pick the exact puppy from our beautiful breeder pictures.


Secure puppy with a 50% deposit with any major credit or debit card.

Receive your new puppy flawlessly.

Love at first sight, smiles ear to ear with lots of kisses. 



100% Success Rate


This Approach has been Nothing Less than Flawless.


We've never had a customer reject a puppy till this day.




Your Puppy's Personality & Behavior is all based on environmental circumstances.


So give your new puppy lots of love and training

and you will create the best personality possible.


Our Experience Is Second To None


We Handle & Drive all the Puppies Ourselves. 


We've had the luxury of managing a Vet Clinic in the past

and are dog trainers as well.


This experience gives us the ability to know who to buy from

and who to stay away from...


NYS Licensed


Since we are the ones traveling to get your new puppy we quadruple check everything.


We make sure to get the exact puppy in the picture and health certificate.


 When arriving at the breeders home we go over the puppy head to tail checking to make sure all the markings, colors, sex are exactly matching what  you purchased.


More importantly checking the health and behavior of the puppy. 


Thankfully we never had to reject a puppy for behavior or health issues.


Double Vet Checked


Before leaving the state where the puppy is resides we double check the puppies health by getting another vet check and certificate.


This is all done before leaving to come to you.


You will receive a copy of all health certificates when your puppy arrives to you. 




I can promise you this ...


The puppy you see is the puppy you get. 


We wont drive far distances to get the wrong puppy or a puppy that is not healthy only to have to bring it back to the breeder...


That's Not happening !


It has never happened yet and we don't plan on it happening anytime soon.


Hopefully you agree with how we operate & are excited to do business with us just as these folks...


Please let us know if you feel the same?

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